It all started when…

… our holiday plans for Christmas 2018 had to be cancelled due to work commitments. My husband couldn’t take time off for the trip to Australia that we had planned so we ended up staying in Dubai. As a result, I had a little spare time on my hands and I decided to start this blog a little earlier than I had originally intended.

The blog launched a couple of weeks later (with an embarrassing number of ‘Coming Soon’ pages) and today (5 January 2019) I published my first blog post on the EU Commission’s guidelines for trustworthy AI (my Christmas reading this year). As a lawyer and tech enthusiast, I’ve long followed AI developments but it has always seemed far removed from the legal world. Happily that is now starting to change and my hope is that by publishing regular thoughts and updates, a larger portion of the legal community will engage in this extremely important debate.

AI is possibly the most important discussion of our time (of any time for that matter) and the decisions that we make now has the potential to impact or alter the future for all of mankind.

Right now, AI is at its infancy but do we really want to wait until more powerful version have been deployed before we have serious discussions around the ethical use and long-term impact on humanity? I think not. In face, there is no better time than right now to engage, discuss, debate and, ultimately, to form a view of where we should be heading.

Without a clear idea of what is ‘good AI’ and a framework for how it should be governed, odds are we will end up somewhere else entirely. So, with that in mind, I would urge the legal community (a group that has never been known to shy away from a good debate) to read up on these issues and join the global discussion.

Erica Werneman Root