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Book Reviews

Here is the ever growing list of books that I’ve found informative, useful or entertaining. Not all are legal in nature but you know what they say… there are two good reasons to read a book: 1) to enjoy it; or 2) to boast about it.

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There are so many interesting and manageable courses available online that you can easily upskill on anything from basic programming to statistics and data science. A good understanding of technology makes the legal analysis more interesting.

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Academic Papers

Scholars are publishing incredibly interesting research on a variety of topics but the legal community (outside of academia) rarely get the benefit of these insights. Here are a number of papers on various topics that I’ve found particularly interesting. Very useful when forming an opinion or researching emerging issues.

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I’m a big fan of apps and wearable technology (data privacy concerns aside). Here are some of the products I’m currently testing and some thoughts on legal considerations.

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